If you’ve been watching this blog disturbingly closely, you may have noticed some improvements on my Mephisto install.

First of all, I fixed the tags from the Typo import by running this snippet in the Rails console:

Article.find_all.each do |a|
  t = a.tag.gsub(/,(\w)/,', \1')
  a.tag = t

By doing this, I was able to fix the tags page to actually allow (get this!) tag-based viewing of articles. As such, tags now appear below each post.

I also added google sitemap support with Stephen Caudill’s plugin, although I did hack around a bit to make it also map the one non-mephisto page on here (daily I consider just trashing it).

I’m just generally happy with Mephisto. Typo was getting kind of bloated and inflexible, and Mephisto just seems a lot easier to hack on. I’m not completely sure that’s due to the system and not my growing famillarity with Rails, but it does wear quite well.