One of my classes this semester, Software System Development, so far seems like the C# equivalent of Beginning Java at the ol’ community college, dressed up with a fancy name. So far we’ve written Hello World and a program to figure out if one box can fit within another (with fairly simple constraints).

The Box problem, in the guidelines, dictated that the Boxes have to read their dimensions from the console in the constructor, as opposed to separating model from view/controller by reading in numbers in the main() and passing them in. So I wanted to at least pretend to isolate the console-using code from the rest of the Box by placing it in a special constructor, and then passing the console values to the real constructor.

But you can’t! Instead of letting me do something even PHP lets me do, if I want a common-constructor type deal I’ll probably have to make a private init() method.

So I don’t get it - this Java rip is the new language for new hotness Windows programming? It doesn’t even seem as interesting as ObjC.