Zap was over at the apartment today, and while the original plan was to take a big-screen TV off the hands of a friend, none of us had a large enough car (8" too skinny!). After lunch with Zap and RC, we went to Wal-Mart, and we each picked up the fantastic $8 Nerf Maverick (see this penny-arcade comic for hot pics).

If you haven’t played with any Nerf guns for a few years (decade in my case), play with this one for a while, maybe with friends or something. The three of us had a pretty good 10-minute skirmish for control of the long hallway in our apartment featuring lots of ducking behind cover, scrambling for darts, a couple instances of friendly fire (the back of Zap’s head looked so inviting!), and a confused look from the third roommate immediately before ducking back in his room to avoid the barrage of darts.

After some MGS3, fajitas, and Airplane!, I drew a target on the whiteboard to get some target practice from my desk (about 20 feet away), with some numbers I made up on it:

target with RAAGH mouth

(The scores, from the top down, are 49, 61, 23, sqrt(120), and e)

I’m not too bad for somebody who’s a fair bit rusty: