This morning I found out via email that I got elected President of the computer security club, or as I call the title, President of Hacking. Next I get to figure out what I have to do as President, which, for this club, seem slike a rubber-stamp job because the faculty sponsor’s been running the show pretty tightly so far. Maybe I’ll change that.

Our second operating systems project looks kind of wacky. It’s a multithreaded simulation of two teams wizards in a square dungeon freezing enemies and thawing teammates. Since each wizard is an independent thread, there’s all sorts of moving deadlocks we need to solve.

Fortunately, half the class had all sorts of crazy questions to email to the prof on the weekend, so by Monday evening it had become a pair project. My partner and I worked for about three hours on the project yesterday evening. By our division of the problem, we got about half of the project done, which is pretty good.

At case modding on Wednesday night, we had a spare UV light, so I put it on the world’s ugliest switch: Big JPEG that looks awful