aCTF was great, we got the first score and stayed on top for most of the game (although at one point we weren’t sure, as the team ‘sudoers’ had a higher delta than us and we were just spinning our wheels), and when the game ended on Saturday we were still in first.

During odd breaks to relieve boredom (pwning is boring?), we met some of the people in real CTF, including Dustin’s favorite hacker ever (on the right):

Creepy Stalker Dustin

(side note - my what a great shirt Dustin has)

When the convention wasn’t up, we pretty much went sightseeing farther south on the strip (north of the Riv is basically wasteland), including some really over-the-top casinos like the Bellagio and Caesars Palace.

Wow Model

Fun hacks from Defcon that I wish I was responsible for: * Taking over Kenshoto’s Asterisk server (being used for submitting flags in real CTF) with DTMF. * Stealing an admin account for a university from the most hostile network in the world. * Other things I’m forgetting right now.

So the verdict is that Defcon is awesome and I’m going again next year.

The other verdict is that listening to Philip Glass on the redeye back to Tampa makes you sleep.