Made a big milestone today on the ol’ senior project. A week ago, I was bellyachin’ about reading XMP into key-value pairs. Pretty much just today, I got enough code in to not just get the key-value pairs, but store them in a normalized sqlite database:

bkerley@thedude ~/[...]/ape> ./ape tests/bigxmp.jpg
Debug: XMP found at 0x000062d4
Debug: loaded 27 key-value pairs
bkerley@thedude ~/[...]/ape> sqlite3 ape.db "
select, proptypes.propname, properties.content 
from properties join proptypes on"
(boring parts eliminated)
25||who cares
26||Doc Cottle

What’s next is porting the XMP reading part to C# for a visual XMP editor, which should be easy since I won’t need so much custom code.

All this and I also got my postscript project for another class done on Thursday afternoon (said class was cancelled).