I was walking through the Marshall Center at school today to get some paperwork done for the ACM competition later this month, when my knee decided it didn’t feel like walkin’ anymore. I hit the floor, yelled for help, and a nice dude from the Marshall Center staff was there quickly. An ambulance was called, and a campus police officer there basically stood around and talked with me. Eventually the paramedics came (thanks Special Events Center destruction project!), and I was put on a stretcher and wheeled out.

Woot ambulance

Once I got to the hospital, I was put in a pediatrics room after a short wait (wasn’t busy, but all the other rooms were full I guess), and saw a pediatrician working the area. His analysis of my dislocated kneecap and description of the situation led him to understand that if I straightened out my leg, I’d be fine. Sure enough, after a deep breath and a little bit of pain, it was done. After some x-rays (OH GOD THE X RAYS), and some paperwork, I was out of there with a brace on my knee and crutches.

So now I’m on the couch and watching the Trek on TV. The rest of the ACM officers are getting the paperwork done (thanks Amin and John!), and I’m just taking it easy for the evening.