I’ve been out and about for most of the day - ain’t nothing gonna break my stride.

After approximating a shower and navigating the stairs this morning, I was off to Benjarong Thai with Dustin, who had been fiending for it all week since his birthday. He had the usual (the waitress knew it), and I tried the Duck Panang, which was awesome. We talked about a hackin’ project we’re going to be working on soon, and also about Dustin’s anti-duck-eating policy.

Following that, we went to the hackin’ meeting, where Amin presented on Linux securty. It was a good presentation, and led to some good discussion. We also registered for a CTF coming up in December, and considered redrawing our logo for it.

After the meeting ended, Andrew, Zap, April, RC, and I went to the Tampa Ale House for dinner becuase nobody made chili for Battlestar tonight. Dinner was great, BSG was great, and all in all I can say I’ve had worse days recently.

From my moving around today, I think my knee’s getting a bit better. I can put a bit of weight on it comfortably to help me move around, something useful because I did a lot of crutchin’ today.