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I’m Bryce Kerley, and I’m glad you’ve found my website. I’m a recent Computer Science graduate from the University of South Florida (graduated December, 2006), and during my time there was active as the President of the ACM chapter and the Whitehatters Computer Security Club. I currently work in Miami, FL, and also participate in the 0x28 Thieves computer security team.

You’re probably at this page for one of these reasons:

  • You know me
  • You’re looking for some goofy Ruby or Rails trick
  • You’re interested in some of the security activities I’ve done
  • Some other computer, cooking, or more esoteric topic interests you

If you’ve got specific questions, shoot me a mail at . If it’s more urgent, you can try my cell phone at +1 (321) 794-1725, but I’m not always in a position to catch it.