I’ve been running wmii with the ruby-wmii configuration/script/event loop for a few months now, and just today decided to scratch an itch I’ve been having.

Basically, I keep a ‘1’ tag around with the floating model so I can overlap my web browser and IRC window (my IRC window needs to stay a fixed size because it’s shared between multiple machines using screen). However, when I start rhythmbox, I want it managed (and incidentally, full-screen) on the 'rock’ tag.

As it turns out, this is cake:

WMII::Configuration.define do
  border      1
  font        "fixed"
  selcolors   "#FFFFFF #224422 #228822"
  normcolors  "#FFFFFF #668866 #228822"
  colmode     'default'
  colwidth    0
  grabmod     'Mod1'
  rules </Kdict.*/ -> dict
/XMMS.*/ -> ~
/Gimp.*/ -> ~
/MPlayer.*/ -> ~
/XForm.*/ -> ~
/XSane.*/ -> ~
/fontforge.*/ -> ~
/KoLmafia.*/ -> ~
/Rhythmbox.*/ -> rock
/.*/ -> !
/.*/ -> 1



Simply adding the rhythmbox matcher was all it took.

Also, as a bonus tip, if you’re a Gentoo user that has problems with ruby-wmii and wmii-3.5, you might want to downgrade to wmii-3.1 . However, simply emerging wmii-3.1 (probably from your portage overlay) will error out unless you unmerge the libixp ebuild that wmii-3.5 depends on:

sudo emerge -C libixp
sudo emerge -av '=wmii-3.1-r4'