Do like

Safari is about as good as it is on the desktop, which is to say, good-looking and fast. It uses a newer WebCore than current OmniWeb does, so it shows the search form (top-right if you’re reading this on my site) correctly with the fat black border.

While I can’t touchtype as fast as the duder in Apple’s video can yet, I am seeing how it’d be possible. The keyboard software is pretty great outside of password boxes or URL fields.

I’m a huge map nerd and I approve of the Maps application.

Do not like

No copy-paste. This translates to no flickr links in this post until I fix it on a real computer.

The calculator is only a 4-function like Calculator.wdgt that came with 10.4. No computer nerd features :(

Safari does something different with font sizes than desktop browsers re: points vs. pixels vs. ems. A page that looks consistent on OmniWeb might have varying sizes on iPhone.

Scrolling the edit cursor around big text fields is quite annoying, at least in the widescreen browser.