Do like

Maps are awesome, as long as you can catch enough street signs (or landmarks that are present on the imagery) to follow your location. I wouldn’t mind more control over caching in case you get stuck in a dead zone (found a few), but I understand why it’s not there.

The iPod part is showy and works well, and power consumption with it isn’t an issue for me. Videos look amazing on it.

Killer app: camera -> email. I can send to Flickr, send to Foodbloggin’, send to whoever.

Do not like

Sometimes DNS gets a little squirrelly and I can’t hit my IMAP server from my LAN, because it remembers the external/internet IP instead of the local 10.x.x.x one.

Speakerphone and ringing’s kind of quiet.

Google needs to convert more YouTube videos to h.264.