Last fall I took Dr. Albrecht’s awesome “Programming Languages” class at USF. On a whim today, I took a look at one of the postscript programs I had written.

Some parts I can understand readily:

(Grade Calculator by Bryce Kerley U-number) dup dup
.85 .90 1 setrgbcolor %spiffy watermark
-20 9.5 144 pt textdraw

0 0 0 setrgbcolor
2 10 12 pt textdraw %front and center

Some parts I remember fondly due to sheer smarmy cleverness (i.e. using the rgbcolor register as a loop index):

currentrgbcolor %load current color
dup 1 eq %if our blue was last filled up
{pop pop pop 0.4 0 0.4} if %darken it down to purple

3 1 roll %rotate it to the next primary or to brown/navy from purple

And some parts that I forgot to comment I don’t understand:

pop dup grades exch get
1 add exch
grades 3 1 roll exch put

So, if you’re working in a “puzzle language” like Postscript you might want to include more useful comments than you normally do.