Scott and I were in the back of the car chatting excitedly about a week in Fulda, occasionally looking at the map we had been given charge of. Grandpa was at the helm of his mighty white land yacht, captaining our trip back to Calgary from the Lueke homestead. Somewhere in the excitement, we realized that we had missed the turn on to the correct highway in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan 7, Alberta 9), and were now Southward bound to Moose Jaw.

The drive from Saskatchewan to Calgary is a long one, nine hours, which is about as long as you can drive in Florida without leaving Florida, provided you start at an end and not in the middle. Adding two hours on to the trip is probably something you don’t want to do. However, nobody really felt like turning around and admitting fault, so we soldiered on.

Over the next several hours, we changed drivers a few times, ate at a greasy spoon somewhere east of Medicine Hat, and really, when you really come down to it, had a good time together, driving across Canada.

And I will forever pay attention to the map.