Everyone agrees that Robocop 2 and 3 sucked. There was no romance, no intrigue, and it was typical Frank Miller hack writing comic book fantasy cyborg and child-killin’ BS.

However, the time may be right for another Robocop movie. OCP was a pretty great evil company and we all know there’s no shortage of those right now (just go down the list haha), so why not throw in a cyborg cop fightin’ evil mercenaries or something?

SO here’s the setup. This PMC sets up shop in Detroit, pickin’ up where OCP (Omni Consumer Products) left off, all hiring well-paid ex-Army dudes to block off streets Baghdad-style totin’ assault rifles, but it’s all wrong! This is AMERICA, and in AMERICA we don’t have military fascism!

After Robocop gets rid of them (not sure how that’ll work, from what I understand mercenaries aren’t like ED-209 and do not spectacularly fail on stairs) there’s more! A congressional hearing will be called, and Robocop will not be able to hire a lawyer to defend him (he’s on the equipment budget instead of the personnel budget,) so he’ll have to do a bunch of detective work and solve a mystery in the second act.

Finally, after Robocop is absolved of all guilt, there’s a third act with a sweet car chase or something. I haven’t figured that part out yet. Still though, I’d pay to watch it. Robocop rules.

And early reviews are in!

“Yeah, I’d watch your Robocop movie” -Michele

“Robocop totally rules my heart” -Cameron

“lol” -Ryan

“You’re the Robcop of my heart, Bryce” -Matthew

“My own Robocop movie idea is ‘Robocop shoots Wall Street execs through upper-floor meeting room windows for two hours’” -Josh