I’m going to LessConf this weekend, and I figured I should post some tips on how to get good service and have fun when dining with a conference group.

  • Forget going as one giant twelve-person party unless you set that up with the restaurant hours or days ago. You’ll take forever to get seated and the service will most likely suck.
  • Two or four person parties are best since the restaurant is already configured for these. You will get better service and have more fun.
  • Seriously, split up your big party into groups that don’t already mutually know each other. Meet new people, make friends, and have new conversations.
  • Let the wait staff know you’ll be splitting the bill before you start ordering.
  • Have cash in case they can’t split and you don’t want to pack up and bail right away.
  • Tip well if you’re in the USA. 15% is reasonable, 25% is a great tip for food and drinks.