No Battery

I’ve had my unibody MacBook for just about five years. I still use it; even now it’s a great little computer for kickin’ it online. I find it a bit slow for dev work (I’ve been spoiled by faster computers), but it’s passable.

Yesterday I pulled the (five-year-old) battery and found that it swelled up, which would explain the problems I’ve had clicking the trackpad. Knowing the dangers of malfunctioning Li-Ion batteries, I made an appointment at the Apple store to euthanize dispose of the broken battery.

While the Apple store did have a replacement battery, this computer isn’t worth the $100 they wanted (it’s also been out of warranty for the better part of four years). I mostly use it on the couch, plugged in. The MacBook Pro I use for work gets more battery life at two years than this one did new.

However, after getting home and having to cold-boot twice after the power connector disconnected, I did order a $40 replacement battery just to be a UPS.